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Hurricane Season Preparedness is your home and roof ready? When it comes to hurricanes, those who live in Florida have unfortunately a lot to deal with. Florida is one of the states in the U.S. that is the most affected by hurricanes, meaning that the threat of hurricanes is one that is constantly on the minds of most homeowners. There is never any better time than right now in order to really regroup and take some time to seriously consider where you may want to make improvements to your home for future extreme weather conditions. Hurricanes can be devastating to homes, which is why you will want to start thinking about what you should do to be as prepared as you can in the case of a hurricane, from hurricane-proofing your windows and doors to taking care of your roof and creating a contingency plan. Read on to learn more about the ways that you can protect your property and family in the case of a hurricane.
Firstly, you should take account of your windows and doors. Against hurricane force winds and flying debris, traditional windows, doors, and garage doors will not hold for long. As someone who live in an area highly prone to hurricanes, you should think seriously about replacing windows and doors with impact resistant versions that are rated to withstand flying debris and hurricane force wind speeds. If you aren’t financially ready to totally replace all of your windows and doors with hurricane-proof versions, the other option is to put in storm shutters or storm screens to protect your windows and doors. There are impact shutters available in many different varieties, from simple storm panel systems that slide into tracks to automatic roll-down shutters that are as easy to operate as your garage door. For larger areas such as lanais, large windows, and entryways, storm screens are a fantastic low-cost alternative that are able to be simply packed away in protective bags until they are necessary.
Another thing to keep in mind is to check on your yard and make sure that it’s clear. A great time to prune trees and remove dead branches is fall. Crossed branches and anything too close to your house should be taken care of, as there is the risk of additional damage to your home when a loose limb flies through a window. You should have a secure home for any loose items such as patio furniture when a hurricane is impending. In hurricane-force winds, a chair or table could become deadly. Moreover, you should also reinforce your roof. Think about all the devastating videos of hurricane force winds tearing houses apart- specifically when the roof fails. Florida building codes have recently mandated specific construction fastening systems for roofs, but if your home is over 15 years of age, you may want to evaluate your roof and what sort of reinforcements that are currently recommended for the area you reside in. In a hurricane situation, adding tie-downs or lateral anchors can save your roof – and potentially your home.
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